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New Residential Roof Installations

Possert Construction is responsible for installing thousands of roofs in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio. Possert has earned our customers’ trust throughout Dayton and surrounding Ohio cities through hard work, old-fashioned workmanship, and high-level customer service. Possert has built its trustworthy reputation in Ohio through diligent work, one roof at a time. 

The styles of residential roofing systems Possert Construction installs vary by the preference and aesthetic look a customer wants for their home. 

Possert Construction's Dayton roofing contractors recognizes and understands the value of investing in a new roof. When you decide to hire Possert, you are putting your trust in them, a decision we take very seriously.

Residential Roof Replacements

Possert Construction provides residential customers with options in high-quality roofing products, state-of-the-art materials, and expert roof installations. These are energy-saving, beautiful, and affordable. Possert has developed a dedicated team of highly trained residential roof installers; each professional at Possert takes personal pride in a job well done. 

The Possert Construction experts bring you years of experience in replacing a variety of residential roof systems. Possert treats every project the same way we would our own home. Being confident in your choice of hiring a reputable residential roofing company will bring peace of mind with the confidence your project is in experienced hands. Your new residential roofing system will be managed and installed with all the care, attention to detail, and experience your roof deserves. 

A professionally installed asphalt roof lasts between 20 and 25 years, depending on the installation’s quality of materials used and craftsmanship. A clear sign that it is time for a roof replacement is when you notice curling or missing shingles–these are clear signs a roof is deteriorating. A roof inspection will confirm the extent of the damage and give you the information necessary to determine if you need a replacement.

Dayton Ohio residential roofing replacement

How to find out the age of your residential roof?

Your roof may have come with a warranty. The warranty will tell you the roof’s installation date

Some municipalities require building permits for installing a new roof. The building inspection department of your municipality may have a dated roof inspection document
If it’s not a new home, ask the previous owner

Ask the neighbors. Often, homes in subdivisions are built around the same time

Types of Residential Roofing Materials

Possert Construction takes pride in offering the best roofing materials to address its customers’ roofing needs. Possert’s roofing specialists will carefully work with each customer to assess which product will best suit their home.

Top roofing products:

  • Shingle roofing products
  • Metal roofing products
  • Slate roofing products
  • Clay tile roofing products
  • Residential metal roofing products
  • Low slope or flat roofing products

Taking proper care of your roof: 

  • Address any small roof repairs before they become broader issues when water enters the home
  • Protect your family and stay safe with a new or adequately maintained roof
  • Invest in a new roof and add to your property value
  • Maintain your roof to avoid potential problems

Superior Customer Service

When looking to hire a residential roofing contractor, it is essential to make sure the company you choose has a good reputation and a long history of satisfied customers. Make Possert the number one name on your list!

Possert Construction is dedicated to providing high-level quality, expertise, and care throughout all residential roof replacement projects. With Possert Construction as your choice of roofing contractors, you will have your home’s beautiful new roof system on time, on budget, and backed with the Possert name. 

The professionals Possert are easy to work with, very responsive, and always professional. When you call, a professional will answer. Possert takes pride in every job we perform!

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