Possert Construction knows your roof plays an important role in your home’s maintenance. It shields your home from the weather elements, bearing the brunt of snow storms, wind damage, and hail damage. Proper repair and maintenance will keep your roof in top condition to keep moisture out and keep your home’s heating and cooling in.

If moisture is able to penetrate your roof, it can cause severe problems. Water can eat away at wooden support structures, and persistent moisture combined with warm air can cause water damage and roof mold that poses respiratory risks for you and your family.

Your roof also acts as a barrier to keep your house warm or cool depending on the seasons, and a roof in good working order that maintains your home’s heating and cooling efficiency will pay for itself in lower utility consumption.

Contact our team of skilled professionals for an estimate if you think you need a new roof, or if your current roof is in need of storm damage repair. Possert Construction will get your roof in peak condition in a quick, efficient, and professional manner, and we’ll back our work with a five-year roofing warranty.

Let your choice of roofing contractors be the best — choose Possert Construction. Contact us for an estimate.