Tile Roofs

One of history’s most enduring roofing materials, and arguably its most aesthetically unique, tile is a stylish addition that makes a statement atop any building it caps. While not right for every structure, it has undeniable charm and value. Its practicality and long-term value have made it an increasingly popular choice all around the United States in recent years.

Tile roofs are increasingly popular in Ohio because:

  • They’re good for withstanding both warm and cold climate elements. The best tile roofing materials even reduce ice damming in cold regions.
  • Tile does not fade over time, so the rich colors you choose will remain. Some manufacturers guarantee their tile roofs against fading for 50 years. In fact, over time, exposure to the sun makes the colors grow richer.
  • A properly installed tile roof carries the longest warranty in the roofing industry. Some last 100 years or more; in Europe and Asia, there are many tile roofs that have stood for centuries.
  • Tile can often withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour, which is why it’s the preferred roofing material in hurricane regions such as Florida.
  • Ease of maintenance is quickly making tile the most popular choice for re-roofing, as single tiles are easier to repair than other roofing materials.
  • Tile is available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles, some of which replicate the look of shake, shingles, or slate.
  • Independent testing has proven tile roofs to be more fire-safe than other roofing materials. Also, tile roofs are loose laid, reducing heat transfer to the attic during a fire.

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