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Possert Construction has provided high-quality Germantown roofing services to home and business owners for over six decades and counting.

Roofing systems are an integral part of any building's structural system, protecting the property's interior from the elements. A high-quality roofing system covers the structure beneath from rain, snow, and debris. 

The Germantown roofing professionals at Possert prioritize the design and materials we use in each project. As a result, our roofing craftsmanship ensures structural integrity for both the roof and the structure below. Conversely, a poorly designed roofing system installed by a less-qualified professional can result in moisture damage to a property's structure and, in worst-case scenarios, cause a roof to collapse.

Possert Construction can proudly say that the roofs installed by our Germantown roofing professionals are designed to last and provide protection against natural disasters. Possert Construction is known for our:

  • Residential roof installation and repair
  • Commercial roof installation and repair
  • Gutter & downspout services
  • Property management and HOA roof inspections, maintenance, and repairs

Germantown Residential Roofing

Whether you're installing a brand new roof or only have a roof leak that requires roof repairs, our residential roofing team will be onsite to give you an estimate as quickly as possible. All of our highly-trained Germantown roofing professionals provide honest and accurate assessments during a roof inspection—you can trust our roofing recommendations.

On some occasions, our customers have been grateful to find out that they only will need roof repair services after their initial inquiry is for a new roof. Our Germantown Roof repairs have been known to keep a residential roofing system in quality shape for an additional five years or more, depending on the age of the structure. 

On the other hand, what may seem like a small minor repair might turn into discovering a failing roofing structure, which requires more work than the customer anticipated. 

Whatever your Germantown roofing needs are, Possert will always provide an honest assessment and estimate.

We install top-of-the-line products for all of our residential roofing projects and recommend roofing system designs for your home's location and orientation. Our recommendations are commonly based on UV exposure, tree exposure, and wind susceptibility. 

Possert Construction also has a specific team specializing in historical home roof restorations to ensure that the home's original artistry is not compromised.

Germantown Ohio Residential Roofing
Germantown Ohio Commercial Roofing

Germantown Commercial Roofing

The Germantown Roofing specialists at Possert Construction are experts in sloped and flat roofing systems for commercial properties throughout the greater Germantown area. Our Germantown roofing specialists will prioritize keeping your building's contents and occupants safe during each commercial roofing design and build.

 A commercial roof is also an essential part of your business's curb appeal. Whether you are looking for new tenants or are looking to sell your commercial property, the Germantown roofing professionals will ensure that the exterior of your commercial property symbolizes the amount you care about your business.

Commercial roofing systems are rather complex. A Germantown roofing professional at Possert will consider the aesthetics, performance, the possibility of integration with the housing of HVAC and other mechanical equipment, and proper water drainage. The goal at Possert Construction is to build a commercial roofing system that performs at a high level for the life of the commercial roofing system.

Gutters and Downspouts

Does your residential or commercial property need new gutters and downspouts? Possert Construction offers different styles and colors of custom-cut aluminum seamless gutters that will fit your property perfectly. 

The Possert design team designs gutter systems that are well-built for moving water down and away from a property. A well-designed gutter system will prevent long-term moisture damage and unwanted wear and tear on windows and doors.  

The gutter team at Possert is more than happy to perform gutter and downspout repair or replace sections of a gutter system to ensure a property avoids water damage the next time a storm hits.

Emergency Germantown Roofing Services

Possert Construction offers emergency roofing services for the residents in Germantown, Ohio. Our Germantown roofing professionals are available 24/7 for any size roof leak. In addition, a team of crew members is available no matter the time of day you call for emergency roofing services. Upon arrival, we will mitigate the roof leak using a secure tarping system. 

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Possert Construction has built a name for itself in Germantown through experience, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

The Germantown residents that choose to hire our Germantown roofing professionals for their next project appreciate our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as our overwhelmingly positive reviews!

Please give us a call at (937) 429-0697 to schedule a consultation or contact us via our website to schedule an onsite estimate. We look forward to you being another one of our success stories!

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