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Our Advice for Emergency Roofing? Remember the 4 Sacred Cs

Written on
March 15, 2021

Emergency roofing requires maintaining your calm, covering your valuables, contacting insurance, and choosing your roofing expert!

Your roof is the unsung hero of the home, protecting it from the weather throughout the year. Nobody pays attention to it until it’s a problem. Then, in an emergency roofing situation, nothing else matters except getting the problem fixed.

Any roof repair is urgent; letting problems linger exacerbates any issue. A small leak will grow over time, and water left alone can harbor mold growth or damage the structural integrity of your roof.

This article will outline some emergency roofing causes, review the four Cs of emergency roofing, and highlight what you can expect when you’re faced with an emergency roofing situation.

tree branch in a roof

Emergency roofing causes

While all roof repairs are high-priority, the ones where your safety and belongings are at risk are deemed “emergency” status.

Some common causes of emergency roofing situations include:

  • A projectile pierces your roof’s exterior. Commonly tree branches.
  • Storm damage has ripped off parts of your roof.
  • Any hole is large enough that it requires a tarp.
  • Fire damage has destroyed a part of your roof.

In short, if your attic or home’s interior is exposed to the elements, it’s a roofing emergency. Also, whenever there’s a leak that could damage your home’s structural integrity, it’s a roofing emergency. 

The 4 Sacred Cs

The development of an emergency roofing situation can be overwhelming. There’s the financial cost of the damage to your home and considerations about the safety of you and your loved ones.

The incoming weather and animals are also concerns that coincide with emergency roofing scenarios.

Whenever you’re faced with an emergency roofing situation, remember the 4 Cs:

  • Calm
  • Cover
  • Contact
  • Choose

Stay Calm

Staying calm is the first step because all other actions require a calm, collected mindset. 

One thing that helps: most of the time, roof damage seems far worse at a homeowner’s first glance than it is in a professional roofer’s reality. For a good reason: the exposure feels disempowering.

buckets under roof leak

Cover what you can 

Minimizing the damage is your primary concern during emergency roofing scenarios. Cover any gaping holes with tarps if you have them. Collect water by placing buckets under leaks.

Don’t climb onto the roof. Compromised structural integrity is a recipe for a catastrophic injury. 

Contact Insurance

The third step during emergency roofing situations is contacting your insurance company. They will have instructions about your next steps, including pictures of the damage or the inventory of damaged belongings.

Possert Construction works with insurance companies, performing the estimates to their strict protocols and completing the work knowing the exactness of records they require.

Choose your roofer

The final step in recovering from an emergency roofing nightmare is choosing the best roofing professional. Choose someone licensed and insured. 

Free estimates are standard practice—don’t pay for what most are happy to do for free. Also, choose a company with experience working with insurance companies. It makes the claims process smoother and helps you get the most money back for your disaster.

roofer showing up for estimate

What to expect from emergency roofing services

The first step a roofing company performs when arriving on-site is an analysis of your current roofing situation. In particular, they look for issues that might become more extensive if left alone before repairs begin.

Then, they will provide you with an estimate of how much repairing the damage will cost. After reaching an agreement, the roofing company tarps any large holes, ensuring inclement weather doesn’t invade the attic or upper levels.

Finally, they repair your roof and provide the documentation for your insurance company.

Emergency Roofing in Dayton, Ohio

Emergency roofing services are for when the worst-case scenario occurs. If your attic is exposed to the elements or your home’s structural integrity is compromised, keep the 4 Cs in mind, and you’ll put yourself in a position for success.

Two final warnings: don’t panic, and don’t climb onto a damaged roof.

If you are looking for emergency roofing help in the Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus area, Possert Construction is a full-service roofing company dedicated to customer satisfaction. Give us a call or reach out via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you so we can schedule your free estimate!

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