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Leaking Roof? 4 Ways You Can Fight Catastrophic Damage!

Written on
June 21, 2021

When you discover a leaking roof, taking quick action before the professionals arrive helps prevent further damage!

It doesn't matter if you own a home or not; there's a good chance that you know someone who has experienced leaking roof damage. It can be costly to deal with and can lead to much more severe problems like mold and mildew growth if it isn't taken care of quickly.

The biggest key to effectively dealing with a leaking roof? Getting your roofing contractor on the line and figuring out a time when they can inspect the situation will get you the best results.

In this blog post, we'll talk about four different ways you can combat leaking roof damage before it becomes too costly to fix!

Man Collecting Water In Bucket

Leaking roof causes

Roofs that are in excellent working order provide a shield against water—for this reason, consistent roof inspections are your first line of defense against a leaking roof.

Roof damage leads to a leaking roof and is often the first sign you have a problem in the first place. Cracked or missing shingles, compromised roof seals, and even backed-up gutters can all cause a leaking roof.

Watch out for one situation in particular: a leaking roof that doesn't show up in your home's upper levels. While you won't have damaged drywall or ceilings, this slow leak rate can lead to mold growth in the attic, leading to extensive health issues for anyone who frequents the property.

4 ways you can prevent further damage

When you do find yourself with a leaking roof, quickly hopping into action will help save your belongings and minimize the total damage caused by the intrusive water.

Calling your roofing professional as soon as you notice an issue will help with whatever problem caused the leak in the first place, but there are four action items you can perform yourself:

  • Clear the area
  • Contain the water
  • Pop sagging bulges
  • Take pictures

These steps will help you get through the water emergency until your roofing experts arrive!

Clear the area

Move any items that are below the leak out of the way of the incoming water. This step is essential for beds and sofas since drying these items takes a long time if they become soaked with water.

Another critical class of items that you should move is electronics. Any wires or plugs that encounter water could create electrical problems for your home, compounding the overall level of damage.

Ideally, the area below the leak is clear so that you can navigate the room without bumping into any of your belongings.

pots and pans collecting water from leaking roof

Contain the water

With the area clear, the focus transforms to containing the water coming from the leaking roof, so it doesn't puddle and become a problem for your floors.

Buckets and garbage cans are great for capturing water. During particularly heavy leaks, laying towels down can help soak up the water that buckets miss. And, if the buckets need emptying, the towels can stand in their place for the time they're gone.

Make sure you're around—capturing water from a leaking roof isn't a "set it and forget it" situation. Using a timer works well, giving you a consistent rate and frequency when checking the water.

Pop sagging bulges

Bulges sag from the ceiling when water gets trapped behind the paint or portions of the drywall.

While it may not seem like having more water dumping down from above is a good idea, popping them yourself gives you a chance to prepare beforehand for the excess flow.

Popping the bulge using a knife or screwdriver also saves your ceiling from further damage. The affected area won't grow if the water has a clear path to the ground!

Take pictures

Pictures are a vital part of making a home insurance claim about your leaking roof. Document from the first moments you realize you have a leaking roof, and make sure you get the full extent of the damage.

With cameras on everyone's phone, there's no reason why taking pictures should be a problem!

Your insurance provider uses the pictures you take when determining which items need replacing after your leaking roof incident. They typically help with financial compensation for both the leaking roof repairs and the items lost.

Damaged Roof Shingles Repair

Leaking roof repair in Dayton

The first thing to do when you have a leaking roof, or even suspect one: call in the experts.

After that, clear the area, contain the water, pop sagging bulges, and take plenty of pictures. Doing these four steps will help minimize damage and put you in an excellent position to get plenty of help from your insurance provider.

For the residents of Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, Possert Construction is a full-service roofing contractor. We have decades of experience with leaking roofs, and our experts are here when you need us! Give us a call or reach out via our contact page, and we'll find a time for your roof inspection.

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