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Need The Best Local Roofing Company? Our Free 4-Step Guide

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January 18, 2021

Finding the best local roofing contractors will guarantee a smooth repair or installation, preserving your investment for years to come!

Roofs are one of the unsung heroes of any property. They’re ignored when everything’s fine, but as soon as there’s a problem, there are serious ramifications. Finding the right local roofing team to help with your situation is critical in ensuring a smooth process of getting your house back to normal.

Roof damage can come from a variety of sources, from natural disasters to the ravages of time. Any issue can require either roof repair or roof replacement, both of which are taken care of by Possert Construction, Ohio’s number one local roofing company. 

This article will provide you with tips for finding the best local roofing professional, whatever your roofing needs may be.

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Common roofing issues

Some of the signs of a roof requiring service are thin or missing shingles, cracked seals, or water entering the attic.

Of these three, water poses the most significant risk. Water damage can affect your drywall, your belongings and provide a place for mold growth.

Natural causes of roof damage include ice storms, wind storms, and snow accumulation. After particularly nasty instances of weather, contacting a local roofing company for inspection and maintenance services can help prolong the life of your roof.

Older roofs are more susceptible to wear and tear. If your roof is sagging or you see any light entering your attic, you are at a greater risk of further damage that can put a pause on your daily life.

Whatever the cause of your roofing issue, Possert Construction is the local roofing company in Ohio you can know and trust to get your roof back into working order, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

Timely roof repairs

Waiting for the right time or the correct season for roof repairs can magnify minor issues. A small leak can turn into a significant water problem as time takes its toll on the breach.

The better maintained your roof, the greater protection it offers, and the longer it lasts. Adequate roof maintenance saves you money on costly roof replacement. 

A quick online search turns up numerous local roofing professionals. How do you know which one to trust?

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Choosing the right local roofing company

We’ve come up with this list for your use during your search for your local roofing professionals. Consider these four main points:

  1. Insurance capabilities
  2. Experience
  3. Certifications
  4. Free Inspections

All four of these are indicators of a quality roofing company, one that can help you navigate the challenges of repairing or replacing your roof. 

Insurance capabilities

Working with a contractor who understands the insurance process is one of the most crucial aspects of getting your life back after a roofing issue. Throughout the process, they will be there for you, a helpful guide as you work through the claims process.

Most insurance policies cover damaged roofs. Getting compensated for the repairs requires a detailed overview of the damage and the repair process, from materials to labor. This type of communication helps ensure your claims process is as smooth as possible.

Possert Construction has years of experience with insurance companies. We provide the photos and documentation necessary for any insurance claim. Let us help you with your insurance company!


There’s no substitute for experience. Local roofing experts who have performed the job before, repairing roofs after your situation, know the labor and materials involved.

Customers in need of roofing services can trust their timelines and costs projections because experienced professionals have done it before. 

The results of an experienced roofing contractor are more reliable than those of upstart companies. There are numerous examples of roofs they’ve repaired all over the area, and they can provide you with examples of past successful installations.

Possert Construction has one of the longest track records among local roofing companies in Ohio. With over fifty years of experience, you can trust we can get the job done.


Most people take certifications for granted. They assume that anyone with a website and a phone number has the skills required for their roofing needs.

Certifications ensure professionals take the proper steps before, during, and after the installation process while providing a safe environment for the workers.

Make sure you inquire about the certifications of your chosen local roofing company. They should have no problem providing you with documentation. 

Possert Construction is IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified, the industry standard, in addition to numerous material certifications required by manufacturers for the installation of their products.

Free Inspections

Every quality local roofing professional should offer free inspections. The client shopping around for the best price and customer service is an expected part of the process, and included is an estimate without an upfront cost.

A roofing professional should provide an estimate soon after the damage occurs and before work begins. This estimate is part of the insurance claims process, and the proper documentation will go a long way in getting your claim processed promptly.

Possert Construction offers free inspections. One of our professionals will be on-site ASAP, ready for whatever the situation may be with your roof. Immediate service may include mitigation of damages; for example, tarping your roof if your home is exposed to the elements.

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Quality local roofing professionals

Follow this list during your search for a local roofing contractor, and you’ll be happy with the results.

Need a shortcut? Possert Construction ticks all these boxes and can provide you with the highest quality roofing services and customer service.

Time is critical when your roof has an issue. Delaying maintenance can result in increased damage to your roof or water damage to your home. 

Find a local roofing professional who can help you navigate the claims process. It will be worth your time and save you from additional clerical headaches.

Possert Construction is a full-service roofing professional dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are confident we can provide you with all the services your roof needs so you can get your daily life back. Give us a call or reach out via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you so we can schedule your free inspection!

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